Friday, November 1, 2013

The one where I get super gushy and romantic

I was going to start by telling you all how cynical I used to be...but a majority of my readers have known me since birth, therefore, there is no need.

Two years ago I went on a coffee date with the cutie that played hacky sack at in high school. The coffee tasted great and the conversation was awesome, so we walked to the used book store. That was entertaining, so we decided to get dinner. Conversation continued to be great, but dinner had been devoured, so we went for a drink. The talking continued, and by the time we knew it, the whole afternoon, and a lot of the night had flown by us. I could easily say that I was immediately smitten by this tall Mexican Clark Gable. And in my reminiscent moods I will ask, "when did you know" and he will say "very early on, pretty much right away". And it really was like that. Since that day, not a day has gone by without each other.

And let me tell you about this cutie. I can't say he tamed the girl who joked about  the holocaust, but he never was ashamed of her inappropriate humor. In fact, he reveled in it, provided additional jokes, laughed with her, even boasted about her. If there was ever time that I had gone too far, he never showed it to me, and he never made me feel ashamed. This was the guy that nurtured my love of history, and allowed the vast collection of WWII history books to be displayed on the mantel. This is the guy that told me to not be embarrassed, that I was perfect, even after gaining weight.

This is the kind of guy that loves and respects his family, and treats my family with the same love and respect. This is the guy that turned some hard women in to softies, my mother smiles and hugs him, and my aunts adore him. My sister calls us "america's cutest mexican couple.".

He is the man that surpassed the dreams that I never thought I had. He is the man that I believed did not exist in this life. A myth, a movie. And so every day, when I get the "buenos dias hermosa" text from him, I bite myself to make sure that this is all real. The butterflies still flutter, I steal glances of him every chance I get. And for the last year, I've had the privilege of living with him.

 So, to the man, my dream come true, my adolf to my Eva, the greatest love of this life, and the next, a giant thank you for loving me, without condition, with giggles and tears, with the strongest open arms and the best hugs. Te adoro.

Your tumor.